Club Information

Contact information

Senior Citizens Club of Drayton Valley

Box 7121

5138 - 52 Ave

Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada

T7A 1S4

Phone: 780-542-4737

Fax: 780-621-0406

Regular weekday hours:8:30 AM-11:00 AM or during regular activities

Email address -   dv55plus @   (NO Spaces)

Use email for general inquiries or correspondence.

If you would like to receive Club Announcements of upcoming events, email your name using the email address above to be included in our regular mail-out.

Email addresses are kept private and not shared.

Meetings information

Regular club meetings

On the last Thursday of the month starting at 10:00 AM excluding July, August and December. 

Annual General Meeting

Last Thursday in March. starting at 10:00 AM.

Election of officers

To replace outgoing executive members who's term has lapsed is done at the January regular meeting meeting

Board of Directors Meeting

On the second Monday of each month, 9 AM in the 2nd floor Board Room

Other meeting called when necessary

Rental rate information

See links below with printable forms for rates, agreement and check sheet with more detail.

General information here see links below for actual signed agreements required

Main floor lounge area with coffee counter equipment: Rate - $125.00

Use of kitchen with any rental areas- Additional $125.00

Second floor main hall area: Rate - $180.00

Damage deposit of $200.00 applies to above rentals

Board/Meeting room: Approximately 20 X 20 feet, seats about 20 persons. Rate - $75.00

Main floor rent including supplied luncheon, rates available on request

Damage deposits, clean up, liquor consumption insurance policy and signed contract apply to all rentals

Call during regular hours for more details, see contact information this page.

These forms "Rental rates" and "Rental Agreement" if different than office copy, the office copy will apply.

View and Print Rental Rates

View and Print Rental Agreement

View and Print Renters Check Sheet 

Club information

The Senior Citizens Club of Drayton Valley has been in existence since 1968 and in our present building since 1998

The Seniors club is financially secure and has surplus funds in reserve for projects and emergencies that may arise.

The club is adequately funded by club activities, memberships, grants and donations for ongoing expenses, current and future projects and commitments.

The rumor that the Club Members or Board Members would be liable for any liabilities is simply NOT TRUE. The club has full insurance coverage required for it's operation.

Volunteering in any manner is not expected or demanded of members but is much appreciated when offered. Working together makes a club successful

New ideas welcome

The club executive is interested in any activity ideas that would enhance the interest and enjoyment of the membership. Submit any ideas you have to the Board for consideration. Activities along the line of crafts, music, dance, indoor sports, exercise programs, card and pool game variations. Further information can be had by emailing (see under Contact information) or by phone during regular hours