Pictures and Videos

Senior Citizens Club of Drayton Valley


Slide Show instructions:

CLICK either on the link above the image OR directly on the picture. Both take you to the same pictures.

Once the set of pictures are displayed, CLICK the first picture to open a single image.

Options to View:

1/ Manually - Click any picture and use keyboard left and right arrow keys OR use left and right arrows on screen near left or right boarders (hover mouse to find)

2/ Slideshow - Click first picture, in upper right corner, click 3 vertical dots, choose Slideshow. When in Slideshow mode hover mouse lower left corner and use "Back - Pause/Play - Forward" buttons to control OR just let the slideshow continue.

If there are videos in the slide show wait a few seconds after videos ends and the show will continue.

TO END SHOW - Use keyboard <Esc> Key

Enjoy the shows



DV 55 Plus Nov 2012 Music Night

Musid Night Nov 2010


Music Jam - Apr 2013